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Intelligent, customizable trade execution across an aggregated liquidity pool through a centrally funded trading account.


API changes from
major exchanges in
2019 handled by FPG.

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  • Market Data
  • Direct Market Access
  • Advanced Trade Execution
  • Collateral Management
  • Permission-Controlled Subaccounts

100s of reasons why exchange trading is harder than it should be

Here are some examples of nuances we've already solved.

Exchange #1

Fill prices are rounded in closed trade records.

Fill Price Error

This means when you attempt to analyze your historical trading, it's actually impossible to identify the price you paid for your trade at greater granularity than 0.1%

Exchange #2

No fetching of closed orders.

No Closed Orders

The result: An inability to analyze any of your historic activity.

Exchange #3

Your closed order information gets deleted if you don't get filled.

Closed Order Info Loss

It's impossible to  improve your passive execution strategies because you have no visibility into which trades are likeliest to get filled.

Exchange #4

At random, your cryptocurrency deposits can go to the wrong address.

Deposit Errors

Despite you specifying the correct address, occasionally deposits will go to other addresses assigned to one of your subaccounts.

Nearly all exchanges

There exists no sandbox environment.

No sandbox

And worse, most exchanges will not allow you to have more than one account. Your test trades have to go through your live production trading account.

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