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Electronic trading infrastructure with a scientific approach

The FPG Feed and Execution Management System (EMS) provide a managed solution that enables automated trading applications trade directly on cryptocurrency exchanges using real-time orderbook reconstruction, a fully configurable Smarter Order Router™, and safe order execution gateways.

  • Beat the Markets

    with battle-tested trading infrastructure

    • Eliminate slippage and increase trading capacity

      With FPG’s customizable liquidity-seeking Smarter Order Router™ connecting to top exchanges, OTC trading desks, and market makers to access the liquidity you need, with the parameters you choose.

    • Reduce your operational costs

      Through our managed infrastructure, actively updated and maintained seamlessly throughout exchange-driven changes and other unexpected events.

    • Gain actionable market insights

      Via our consolidated L2 orderbook API, pulling data across 15+ exchanges.

    • Verify your data

      With a performant orderbook reconstruction system built for data reliability using A/B line arbitration and checking against orderbook snapshots.

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