Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are you a member of Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) or Signet?

    A: Yes, we are Signet member.

  • Q: How do you hold customers' cryptocurrency?

    A: In a mixture of custodians and on-exchange accounts. Please reach out for more details, we'd be happy to share more on our custodians and our cyber security / risk mitigation strategies.

  • Q: What assets do you support?


  • Q: How are you regulated?

    A: We are a registered member of FinCEN as a Money Services Business and we operate in most states via a mixture of bank partnerships and letters of no-action from the relevant regulators.

  • Q: Are you only regulated in the U.S.?

    A: Yes, at this time, we hold no licenses outside the U.S.

  • Q: Are there any countries / states / territories that you explicitly cannot work with?

    A: This list is not comprehensive. US sanctioned countries are off-limits. We currently do not offer our central funding feature to residents of [New York, Luisiana] or businesses head quartered in either location.

    Non-US customers are accepted on a case by case basis, please reach out for further information.

  • Q: What type of APIs do you offer?

    A: REST and FIX (coming Q3). If you need websocket connectivity, please shoot us a note and describe the use case.

  • Q: Do you offer X feature via your API?

    A: Yes! Everything mentioned on our website except historical market data has a corresponding API endpoint. For historical market data, please see below.

  • Q: How do you handle authentication?

    A: Our API uses an HMAC-based authentication scheme to validate the identity of a caller.

  • Q: Do you sit in the middle of trades?

    A: No. Your trades are directly against counterparties at exchanges and OTC venues as if you had directly integrated with those venues. FPG passes along your orders in an agency fashion.

  • Q: Do you add a spread to exchange's prices?

    A: No. What you see is what you get. Our pricing per trade is established upfront and is kept transparent at all times.

  • Q: Do you show how a trade was filled?

    A: Our post-trade reporting shows overall performance as well as the exact breakdown of individual fills and any fees paid.

  • Q: Do you offer leverage?

    A: Not at this time.

  • Q: Do you offer historical data?

    A: Yes, you can find it on the AWS Data Exchange or by messaging us directly.

  • Q: How granular is your orderbook data? Does it differ by venue?

    Our orderbook granularity is on the low-milliseconds range. It varies by exchange depending on their technology but we've found technology based solutions to get granular market data from all exchanges we work with, regardless of the granularity ordinarily available by their APIs.

  • Q: How do you know your data is accurate?

    A: We maintain multiple failsafes to ensure accuracy including storing redundant copies, sequence validation, and other methods. You can read more about our data ingestion in our blog here.

  • Q: How do we fund our account with you?

    A: Let us know how you'd like to fund your account and we'll share wire information or the appropriate cryptocurrency addresses. Additionally, you can use our API to request deposit information as well.

  • Q: Can I fund my USD account in X fiat currency?

    A: Probably! Shoot us a note in our contact form to ask specifically about what you're looking for. We accept all major fiat currencies.

  • Q: How do I allocate funds to a venue?

    A: Once you've funded your account with us, use our API endpoint to transfer funds to each venue you'd like access to.

  • Q: Are you regularly audited?

    A: Yes, our financials are regularly audited and we conduct third party cybersecurity audits and penetration testing.

  • Q: Do you conduct any proprietary trading?

    A: None. The only trading activity conducted by FPG or its subsidiaries is to convert revenue paid in crypto back to a fiat currency.

  • Q: Do you give any of your customers preferred rates, access, or non-public information?

    A: No. All customers are treated equally and have access to the same market data.

  • Q: Do you do anything with our private information?

    A: All identity information used for KYC purposes is stored in a secure database with restricted access by FPG employees on a need-to-know basis. The only use for trading activity is to improve our product by examining slippage and other factors for algorithm refinement.

Still have more questions? Contact us at or use the contact form on this site.