Our Trading Stack is Your Edge

Core API Components

An advanced and customizable execution engine to power your strategies. Work hand-in-hand with FPG's onboarding team to meld it to your uses.
  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • Customizable Smart Order Routing (SOR)
  • Proprietary Execution Algorithms
  • Latency-optimized server placement
  • Solutions for exchange rate limits
  • Aggressive SOR
  • Passive SOR
  • TWAP
  • VWAP
  • Low-Market-Impact
Onboard once with our US regulated entity and gain access to all major cryptocurrency markets. Fund your account in fiat or cryptocurrency and simply allocate to the venues on which you'd like to fund your trading.
  • Dynamic allocation to meet the changing needs of your trading strategies
  • Segregated and permission-controlled subaccount functionality across any venue
  • Fund your account almost instantly via Signature Bank’s Signet fiat transfer system
  • Fully programmatic account + collateral management 
  • For select venues, maintain funding for your trading while your funds are held in a cold-storage qualified custodian
Unified market data access that addresses the countless formatting differences and reliability challenges presented by cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Normalized formatting for market data from tens of venues
  • Multiple fail-safes to protect against dropped data packets, incorrect ordering, websocket time-outs, and more.
  • Quality tested for accuracy against third-party data providers
  • Millesecond data granularity
  • For REST connections: ultra-high rate limit
  • Market data streaming via FIX* (in development)
Available Data
  • Real-time L2 orderbook data on all major venues
  • Historical L2 orderbook data for most major venues

We’re personally invested in your success,
and we’ll support you every step of the way.


Onboard with FPG and submit KYC/AML info once to instantly get access to all our supported venues.

2.1 days from start

Account Structuring & Integration

Work with our dedicated onboarding team in a shared Slack workspace to receive real-time technical support while integrating with our API and to structure you account permissions, limits, and protections.

3.9 days from start

Launch Your Trading

Our team will closely monitor your activity with us over your first two weeks of live trading to catch anomalies before they turn into problems.

8.8 days from start

Build Your Execution Edge

Periodically, our trading team will follow up with you to make suggestions on your use of our execution systems, such as parameter tweaking, lowering hedging costs, and the use cases around our new product features.

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